Our Mission

To be a light in the Madison community.

Our core values

  • Positive attitude

  • Hard work

  • Guest Focus

  • Servant’s Heart

  • Community

  • Dining Room Attendant - serve guests dining in the restaurant

  • Front Counter Team Member - serve guests placing their order

  • Drive-thru Team Member - serve guests with efficiency from the comfort of their own vehicles

  • Prep Team Member - prepare cold menu items for restaurant and catering guests

  • Kitchen Team Member - prepare hot menu items for restaurant and catering guests while upholding to high health, safety, and quality standards

Leadership Opportunities

Role Responsibilities - Team Leaders understand all of the positions, and are still developing other skills to lead. While they are very skilled with their work ethic, they are challenged to lead and train others in different areas of the store.

Role Responsibilities - Shift Leaders run much of the day-to-day operations, making sure things run well. There are a lot of opportunities to think on-the-spot, as well as develop both hard and soft skills. Leadership is different than management, and the challenge is to motivate rather than delegate. They are goal setters to improve operations and guest experience.

Role Responsibilities - Directors have a visionary goal for Chick-fil-A. They focus on the big picture, growing the business in a specific area. Through their ownership of this area, they are constantly initiating and executing new ideas to improve the store. While the director develops their skills in this area, they are also developing other people to help them execute their vision.

Want to work for Chick-fil-A, but are unsure of where your strengths are?
We get to know the
heart of who you are and help you assess your strengths
so that you
enjoy and excel at what you do.